IEE’S Master in European and International Studies

The Master in European and International Studies delivered by IEE at the University of Paris 8 offers four specialised courses :

The specialised and vocational teaching allows linking together theoretical and practical knowledge with training to real-life professional situations. As can be expected from an Institute of European Studies, the European and international dimensions are a crosscutting issue in all the courses. Therefore, the master’s core block includes the study of two or even three foreign languages (English, Spanish, German but also other European or non-European languages) as well as classes taught in a foreign language, since a good command of languages is a must to work at a transnational level. Apart from English, Spanish and German which are taught at IEE, the other foreign languages can be studied either at Paris 8 UFR of Foreign languages and cultures (Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Chinese…), or INALCO for the languages of Central and South-Eastern Europe (Polish, Romanian, Greek, Bulgarian, Turkish…) and at the department of Nordic languages of the University of Paris 4 (Danish, Dutch, Scandinavian, Norwegian…). Let us add that the European and international context is also a common component in all IEE’s degrees : it allows the students of every course to become familiar with the national situation and specificities of the European countries through a comparative approach, as well as with the EU institutions and issues, the EU’s place and role in the world and the challenges at stake in international relations.

Moreover, a French-German joint diploma : « Societies and Transnational Dynamics in Europe » (Paris 8 – Viadrina European University) will be proposed to IEE students who are sufficiently proficient in German. This new master’s course is financed with the support of the Franco-German University (cf. International).