Cultural Policies and Management in Europe


This course has a major professional orientation but it integrates research students in its second year of studies.
Its aim is to train high-level managers acting at European and international levels, who will have :

-  a sound practical and theoretical knowledge of the European construction, notably as concerns the policies, funding and (administrative, financial and legal) management of culture
-  a thorough knowledge of the professional resources and networks, acquired through the setting up of projects and during internships,
-  a capacity to take initiative and master the know-how in the various contexts of cultural management in the public and private sectors.


- High Schools (College of Europe in Bruges (Belgium), European University Institute of Florence),

- Competitive exams for local, national and international Civil Service ;

- Doctorate in sociology, political science and arts for the research profile

- Research and teaching careers ;

- Consultants, project leaders and policy officers in European or international organisations and organisms, observatories, think tanks and research centres

- Cultural managers (for French cultural centres and institutes abroad, arts and culture institutions in all domains : theatre, music, dance, plastic arts, audio-visual, in France or abroad and for international, national or local structures).

- International arts and culture directors, project leaders and policy officers

- External and public relations managers/officers in enterprises and cultural institutions

- Direction and management of private cultural enterprises (management, marketing, sponsoring, consultancy…).

- Journalism and treatment of European information.

- Consultants and policy managers in EU and international organisations and organisms for arts and culture



MA 1st year : level of studies : bac + 3/Licence or equivalent foreign degrees (three years of university studies) in arts, human and social sciences…

MA 2nd year : level of studies : bac + 4 or equivalent foreign degrees. Qualifications in arts (École du Louvre), management (Sup de gestion, IEP-Institute of Political Studies and High Schools).

 Validation of professional experience by equivalencies

Selection : on application form (on line), written exam and oral interview with the jury.

Number of places available : M1 : 40 - M2 : 40